Kate Lewin

Writer | Copywriter | Communications & Content Manager | Social Media Strategy

Kate Lewin is a freelance writer. Her articles appear or are forthcoming in Fine Dining Lovers, Canada’s 100 Best, Berlin Food Stories, easyJet Traveller, Creativepool and many more.

She holds a MA in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Alongside her writing, Kate also works as a communications and content specialist and is skilled in content creation, communications, copywriting, content marketing, event management, programme management, social media management and editing.

Kate has works extensively (although not exclusively) in the restaurant industry and is based between London and Berlin.

Get in touch: katelewin1986@googlemail.com

Berlin and London



Fine Dining Lovers

German Wine Route: a Glass of History

Discover the German Palatinate (Pfalz) region, the oldest wine route worldwide: the best vineyards, festivals and fine dining places. Fresh figs aplenty, almond blossoms, a...

Fine Dining Lovers

Isabelle Legeron and The Natural Wine (R)Evolution

A chat with France's first (and only) female Master of Wine and founder of international RAW Wine fairs, about the present and future of natural wine. Putting a date on, or...

Berlin Fashion Week Magazine #26

The Art of Food

Article exploring the cross sections of art and food all over Berlin.

Fine Dining Lovers

Hamburg, Germany: A Tasting Tour with Thomas Imbusch

Chef Thomas Imbusch of 100/200 Kitchen restaurant shares tips for exploring Hamburg's food scene so you can eat like a local in town. Hamburg: a city of freight, industry and...

Fine Dining Lovers

Two Chefs Shaking up German Fine Dining

Julia Komp and Sarah Henke are two young inspiring German chefs rewriting the country's culinary identity by finding their own way in the kitchen.

Fine Dining Lovers

Street Food Goes Gourmet in Berlin

Burgers, chips and ice cream are being given gourmet makeovers by some of Berlin's up and coming chefs, making delicious more accessible to all. By Kate Lewin on Collectively...

Fine Dining Lovers

Welcome to Die Gemeinschaft, Germany's New Dining Manifesto

The protagonists of the German gastronomic avant-garde have teamed up to found the 'Gemeinschaft,' a manifesto that sets out the essence of German cuisine. By Kate Lewin on What...


Storytelling on a plate

An article focusing on the emergent tasting menu trend sweeping through Berlin's gastronomy industry.

Berlin Food Stories

Kanaan - Berlin Food Stories - Israeli Restaurant

It's 11:30 in the morning when I speak to Oz, one half of the Kanaan founders, and he has to interrupt our conversation because there are already people knocking on the...

easyJet Traveller - Inflight Magazine of easyJet

Destination Guides - Berlin editor

I am the monthly writer for easyJet's Traveller magazine Destnation Guides, reaching over 4 million passengers across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Berlin Food Stories

Markthalle Neun - Berlin Food Stories

Transcending politics, religion, language and beliefs - the hallmark of any city is its food scene, and nowhere in Berlin is the beating heart of our city more evident than at...

Berlin Food Stories

893 Ryotei - Berlin Food Stories

Entering 893 Ryōtei is a bit like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. One minute you're standing on Kantstraße outside a dodgy-looking, mirrored building covered in...

Fine Dining Lovers

Five of Berlin's Hottest New Tables

If you're planning on a trip to Berlin and feel inspired to check out the new openings in town, here is a list of restaurants you should know about. By Kate Lewin on It's an...

Slow Travel Berlin

Peruvian Food in Berlin

A long-form feature exploring and highlighting the wide range of Peruvian restaurants across Berlin as well as looking at the origins and culture of the cuisine itself.

Creativepool portfolio and articles


Kate Lewin's Creativepool portfolio

Creativepool is THE creative industry network and magazine where companies and individuals showcase and share their work, broadcast their news, promote their services and...


Trailblazers: Powerful imagery with David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu is a talented, young visual artist living in Brussels. After first picking up a camera at the age of 13 he taught himself how to use it and developed a personal...


Creativepool City Guides: Kiev

As a result of two, bloody revolutions; Russian tensions; and a never-ending series of crises, many of us overlook Kiev as a creative destination. But amongst the bloodshed and...

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