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Kate Lewin

Editor and Writer

Location icon Germany

English editor and writer working in Berlin.
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Finest Food Stories

Finest Food Stories is a collection of the world’s most exceptional culinary experiences, as told by their equally captivating authors. We’re a food-travel magazine designed for all of those who plan their travels around places to eat, instead of sights to see.

Role Models

Role Models is a series of events and podcasts hosting candid conversations with inspiring women about their personal journeys, career histories, and all the valuable lessons and learnings they’ve picked up along the way.


Fine Dining Lovers
Munich Tasting tour with Chef Jan Hartwig

"Munich is colourful and Germany offers a lot of fantastic products" says Jan Hartwig, head chef at Munich's Atelier , when asked what makes eating out in the southern German city so exciting.

Goodness Gracious Berlin

Food sustainability is one of the principle food trends for 2019 with good reason. The need to find more viable means to feed the world is more urgent than ever and whilst the philosophy is easy to preach, turning ideas into action is a lot harder. In Berlin though, we find a city alive with goodness and awash with innovators tackling sustainability issues through 360° solutions.

Fine Dining Lovers
Germany's Forward-Thinking Vegetarian Scene

"It's estimated that more than 8 million Germans (around 10% of the population) eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, placing them amongst the top 10 countries worldwide for meat-free mealtimes."

Fine Dining Lovers
Where to eat in Leipzig: a tasting tour all around the new Berlin

"Booming, unpretentious and imaginative, Leipzig’s star is on the rise. The city’s rebellious spirit, which often sees it heralded as "the new Berlin", is charged by young creatives who are bringing new concepts to life whilst remaining respectful of past traditions."

BBC Olive Magazine
Berlin Weekender

"From rare-beef pho to white beer ice cream, there’s more to this multicultural city than sausages and potatoes (though they’re pretty exceptional, too)."

Bauhaus Bites

"The legacy of the 20th century's most prominent art school doesn't just fade away, and especially not in Berlin."

Fare Magazine
The Art of Scissors

"Snip, slice, shear, slash, trim, nip and cut - Korean mealtimes are a hymn to the humble kitchen scissor."

Fine Dining Lovers
Forward-thinking restaurants to visit in Germany in 2019

"Thanks to 357,386 square kilometres of diversified terrain ranging from Baltic beaches to alpine lakes, as well as a highly decentralised nationwide mindset, you’ll need to be prepared to travel if you want to taste modern German gastronomy at its heterogeneous and brilliant best."

Fare Magazine
Sticking with Coffee

"Most Koreans grew up with instant coffee sticks..."

Fine Dining Lovers
German Wine Route: a Glass of History

"Fresh figs aplenty, almond blossoms, a long lineage of some of the world’s most in-demand wines, and enough Michelin starred restaurants to count on both hands. You’d be forgiven, naturally, for assuming we’re in French or Italy but no, we’re on the German Wine Route (Deutsche Weinstraße)."

Fine Dining Lovers
Isabelle Legeron and The Natural Wine (R)Evolution

A chat with France's first (and only) female Master of Wine and founder of international RAW Wine fairs, about the present and future of natural wine. Putting a date on, or assigning a person responsible for the birth of the natural wine movement is a little bit like trying to give someone an exact date when bakers started producing "artisan bread".

Berlin Fashion Week Magazine #26
The Art of Food

Article exploring the cross sections of art and food all over Berlin.

Fine Dining Lovers
Hamburg, Germany: A Tasting Tour with Thomas Imbusch

Chef Thomas Imbusch of 100/200 Kitchen restaurant shares tips for exploring Hamburg's food scene so you can eat like a local in town. Hamburg: a city of freight, industry and sea air.

Fine Dining Lovers
Street Food Goes Gourmet in Berlin

Burgers, chips and ice cream are being given gourmet makeovers by some of Berlin's up and coming chefs, making delicious more accessible to all. By Kate Lewin on Collectively Berlin boasts 28 Michelin Stars and over 50 Gault&Millau-listed restaurants, but you won't find some of the city's most in-demand, classically-trained chefs plating edible soils and souffles or playing with mists and dry ice.

Fine Dining Lovers
Welcome to Die Gemeinschaft, Germany's New Dining Manifesto

The protagonists of the German gastronomic avant-garde have teamed up to found the 'Gemeinschaft,' a manifesto that sets out the essence of German cuisine. By Kate Lewin on What springs to mind when you think about the German culinary experience? If you stumbled for a couple of moments, don't worry.

Storytelling on a plate

An article focusing on the emergent tasting menu trend sweeping through Berlin's gastronomy industry.

Berlin Food Stories
Kanaan - Berlin Food Stories - Israeli Restaurant

It's 11:30 in the morning when I speak to Oz, one half of the Kanaan founders, and he has to interrupt our conversation because there are already people knocking on the restaurant door waiting for him to open. "It's a good thing" he says, laughing; "it means that people are finally starting to understand when hummus should be served!"

easyJet Traveller - Inflight Magazine of easyJet
Destination Guides - Berlin editor

Monthly writer for easyJet's Traveller magazine Destination Guides, reaching over 4 million passengers across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Berlin Food Stories
Markthalle Neun - Berlin Food Stories

Transcending politics, religion, language and beliefs - the hallmark of any city is its food scene, and nowhere in Berlin is the beating heart of our city more evident than at Kreuzberg's Markthalle Neun.

Berlin Food Stories
893 Ryotei - Berlin Food Stories

Entering 893 Ryōtei is a bit like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. One minute you're standing on Kantstraße outside a dodgy-looking, mirrored building covered in graffiti, the next you're walking into a low-lit Shangri-La, adorned with marble counter tops, plush interiors and a theatrical open kitchen and bar.

Fine Dining Lovers
Five of Berlin's Hottest New Tables

If you're planning on a trip to Berlin and feel inspired to check out the new openings in town, here is a list of restaurants you should know about. By Kate Lewin on It's an exciting time to eat out in Berlin right now.

Slow Travel Berlin
Peruvian Food in Berlin

A long-form feature exploring and highlighting the wide range of Peruvian restaurants across Berlin as well as looking at the origins and culture of the cuisine itself.


NEU Dinners

NEU Dinners is an experimental dinner series bringing some of the world's greatest chefs to Berlin to pair them with innovative and local chefs for a night of creatively unhinged cooking. Every NEU dinner is an eclectic synergy of different cooking styles and influences, where dishes are conceived in complete collaboration and recreating dishes from existing restaurant menus is forbidden. Instead NEU provides a blank canvas, upon which a unique menu is born for one night only. It's one that...

Terroir Hospitality

Terroir is a global organisation building international gastronomy communities through symposia, dinners and engaging learning programs.

Social media copy
12forward by White Guide

12forward lists the 12 eateries in each chosen city that at any given moment represent the very forefront of gastronomy - ranging from fine dining restaurants to hole in the wall joints.

Communications and content writing
Berlin Food Stories

I work with Berlin's biggest and most trusted independent food blog creating a monthly newsletter, You Tube channel and monthly event programme of food tours as well as streamlining all material online and on social media to ensure the blog remains THE go-to source for all Berlin-related food interest.

All copy and content
Ceviche Soho & Ceviche Old St

For two years I was the Marketing Assistant Manager for Ceviche UK launching the international Ceviche cookbook, organising events both in our restaurants and around the world, developing and managing the launch of three chilli sauces, managing all web platforms and social media channels and launching the You Tube channel Ceviche TV (now Martin's Peruvian Kitchen).

All copy and content
Andina London

Whilst working as Ceviche's Marketing Assistant Manager I was also heavily involved in the opening of Andina London. Developing brand identity with menus, business cards and all printed collateral as being growing our customer database and developing new marketing campaigns to support the opening and then longer-term, customer targeting.

Creativepool portfolio and articles

Kate Lewin's Creativepool portfolio

Creativepool is THE creative industry network and magazine where companies and individuals showcase and share their work, broadcast their news, promote their services and connect. The site has over 250,000 active users and readers of the online magazine, weekly I write two articles including 'Trailblazers' interviews with creative talents, 'Brand Case Studies' and 'How Brands are Using...' pieces.

Creativepool City Guides: Kiev

As a result of two, bloody revolutions; Russian tensions; and a never-ending series of crises, many of us overlook Kiev as a creative destination. But amongst the bloodshed and upheaval, a peaceful, creative core has emerged at the heart of the...

Trailblazers: Powerful imagery with David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu is a talented, young visual artist living in Brussels. After first picking up a camera at the age of 13 he taught himself how to use it and developed a personal photography style through powerful self-portraiture. His hallmark...